Little Brendan Caraher- the future voice of the Orange?

By now, you've probably seen this Youtube video of 4-year old Brendan Caraher announcing his favorite Syracuse Orange basketball players.

It's pretty impressive that all he needs is his father's prompting by saying a jersey number, from there Brendan does the rest.

"Braaaandoooon Trrrrrrrriche!"

It's been going on all season, Brendan will cheer on his beloved Orange and announce the names of players during the game.

Eventually, this prompted his dad Ryan to record Brendan showcasing his special talent.

The rest, is history.

Ryan Caraher posted the video of his son on Wednesday, January 17th. Today is January 22nd and already the video has over 23,000 views.

"He loves watching SU basketball games and he started announcing all of the players names so I decided to film it" says Ryan Caraher.

"I had it for a couple weeks and everybody kept telling me to put it on Youtube, so (I did) and over the next 48 hours everything just got crazy. We had people from the television stations calling us, Syracuse (University) got in touch with us and it's really just taken off" Caraher adds.

For Brendan, he's just doing his favorite thing- rooting on the Orange. I asked him "Do you love Syracuse?" He replied, "Yes". Then I said, why do you like the basketball team? Brendan answered "(They're) Good".

Smart Kid.

So while last week Brendan may have been a Youtube sensation now, he's a superstar in the Carrier Dome. Just about every SU basketball player and coach that walked by Brendan wanted to shake his hand. They of course, signed his SU ball, too. Some might say that Baye Moussa Keita was more excited to see Brendan than Brendan was to see him. Keita, Ryan said, ran up to Brendan and wanted to meet the new star of the Orange.

For now, Syracuse Athletics P.A. Announcer Michael Veley's job is safe, and you can even hear some of Veley's mannerisms in Brendan's announcing. But when the 4-year old boy grows up, it'd be surprising if he's not sitting out on press row calling the names of the Syracuse Orange teams of the future.

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