Living life the right way: Matt's Memo

Matt Mulcahy

From across the supermarket parking lot I saw her coming toward me with her shopping cart. This agile, but older woman was walking fifty feet away from the store to return her shopping cart to the proper location. Then she shuffled back toward her handicap parking spot closer to the door of the store.

I was impressed at the example she was setting for other customers. When I approached her on my way into the store I stopped to say hello. She could not have stood more than five feet tall. She was wrapped up in her winter coat and hat. She smiled broadly through the 80 plus years that had lined her face.

I told her how nice it was to see someone taking the initiative to return their cart to the right spot. It was especially remarkable for a senior citizen who needs to use a handicapped spot so she does not have to walk so far to get into the store.

This gracious woman was surprised that I was impressed. This is what she always does. She told me the exercise is good for her. She then got into her car and drove off to continue to live her good life.

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