Maffei in congress, again: Matt's Memo

House Speaker John Boehner swears in Congressman Dan Maffei.

Credit goes to democrat Dan Maffei for perseverance. He has made four runs at congress. His record stands at .500. There he was posing with newly relected House Speaker John Boehner for the swearing in photo. Maffei does not categorize himself as a freshman representative because he already endured his first tour from 2009 - 2011.

After he lost to Ann Marie Buerkle he took a brief dip from the public eye, but fairly quickly rallied an reestablished his position as the democrats choice for the seat. He has successfully handled the political process to be the Democratic Party's choice from the heart of Central New York for three of these runs. He has had little intra-party opposition. He has staked his ground and run hard for election.

This time around President Obama's coattails helped deliver the redistricted seat to Maffei. The reshaping of the district also helped as it pared away some of the more conservative small town and rural vote that propelled Buerkle to the victory in 2010.

So Maffei is back in Washington. He's in the minority party which means an uphill battle to find paths to accomplishment. Our region needs a strong advocate. Here's wishing him well in representing the interests of Upstate New York.

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