March snow blast: Matt's Memo

March 12, 2014 snow storm.

We expected the storm. The forecasters told us it would drop eight inches or more on us. As much as we long for spring when mid-March arrives in Central New York we must also take a moment to appreciate the added beauty that comes with one last heavy dose of winter.

Everywhere I turned today I found another scene colored in winter white. The stone aquaducts of the old Erie Canal in Dewitt stood out, framed by tree branches weighed down by yesterday's heavy layer of snow. Today's frigid cold temperatures did not allow for a quick exit for the snow that fells so briskly Wednesday.

The natural beauty is complemented nicely by the community bond that comes mixed in with a foot of fresh snow over a 12 hour period. Conversations break out at the edge of the driveways as we clear away what the snow plow dumped.

Strangers meet as drivers have to climb through the downtown snowbanks to swipe their cards at the modern parking meter. In Armory Square I met a woman from Wisconsin. She was spending a bonus day in Syracuse where she had travelled for work. The March storm kept her flight from heading out on schedule.

So enjoy the bond. Enjoy the beauty. Take solace that is it mid-March and one way or another spring is nearly here.


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