Monday's battle reaffirms Orange-Hoyas rivalry

I was wrong. I admit it now, and I accept full responsibility for my actions. I await whatever punishment a Syracuse fan deserves for such insolence. May Jim Boeheim have mercy on my soul.For the last few years, I've told anyone who would listen that while Syracuse-Georgetown is the classic rivalry, the dirty little secret was that UConn was actually more of an Orange rival these days that the Hoyas.Turns out the dirty little secret is that I was 100% mistaken.How do I know? After the last three days, how could I not know? The latest epic Syracuse-Georgetown showdown was on Monday and Syracuse fans are still buzzing about it. Still reveling in the victory and savoring the feeling of pummeling Georgetown. Still furiously exclaiming their excitement on message boards, Twitter, sports radio and anywhere else they can be heard. When was the last time Syracuse fans reacted this way to a regular season game? Sure, the six overtime classic against UConn in the Big East Tournament last year left SU fans in a state of euphoria but that came out of nowhere. No one saw that coming. It was no hype, all celebration. This past Monday's game was hyped up all across Cuse Nation for days, perhaps a little too much, and it actually delivered on that hype. That doesn't happen very often for Syracuse fans...or at least it feels that way.What is it about Georgetown that gets us so fired up? Sure there's the history and rivalry, that's a huge part of it. But look back at all of the classic and memorable SU-G'town games you've seen. No matter what's going on with either team, they always feel critical. These games always let us know exactly where we stand. They're a barometer for how SU fans feel about the basketball program. "Sure, we're ranked, but how are we when we stack up against Georgetown?" Right or wrong, we will always measure ourselves against the Hoyas, always wanting to be better off.Not too much better off, though. The world is a more interesting place when both Syracuse and Georgetown are good. It makes wins like Monday's that much sweeter. So while we've probably had more "important" games against UConn in recent years, you're just not going to get the same kind of reaction out of Syracuse fans after a UConn win like you did this past week. Georgetown was, is and will be our biggest rival for many years to come. If you think otherwise, sorry to tell you but you're wrong. I should know, I used to be like you.

- Sean Keeley Special to To read more of Sean's work, visit his "Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician" blog.