Niko Tamurian's sit down interview with Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis sits down with Niko Tamurian

"I'm just a kid from Canada"

But really, Tyler Ennis is so much more than that.

The freshman point guard for Syracuse has earned the praise of experts from all over the nation.

He continues to do this, by coming through in the clutch on big time stages. Tempting Orange fans and even Ennis himself to think about what's possible this March.

"You know, before the season I wouldn't say so. I was just trying to come in here and play my role but with the record we have so far and the opportunities that we have with this team I think it's something you want to work for but not focus on. You know hopefully when we look back on this season it will be one to remember. Hopefully we will make a deep run in the tournament" says Ennis.

Syracuse is 20-0, one win away from the best ever start in school history. Accolades pour in, but that's not what motivates Ennis.

" family know that's what pretty much makes me work hard. Just being at a school like have a lot of great players in the past and want to be remembered with those guys. You gotta win games first of all to do that but also you gotta kind of have your own niche and I think my poise is the kind of thing that has got me that far" he says.

You can watch part one of my two-part full interview with Tyler by clicking the video player.