Niko vs. the Pro- Lawrence Moten takes on Niko in "Horse"

But Lawrence puts it out of reach...literally...with a big slam

It's a segment we're excited to reintroduce to you at CNY Central-

Niko vs. The Pro.

The Pro, in this case, being any of you reading this. Just email and challenge Niko in any sport. Any reasonable challenge will be considered and some will be chosen.

But to kick things off, we had quite a challenge.

Lawrence Moten, who was live in our studio on Friday challenged Niko to a game of "Horse" at the Carrier Dome.

Moten is in town for a number of reasons, including helping out at Jim Boeheim's Basketball Camp.

But before he headed to Carvel Dewitt on Tuesday and to the Chiefs game on Wednesday (Note: You can get a discount at the Chiefs by using the online promo code "Moten" Click here to order tickets) he took some time out to battle Niko in "Horse"

Click the video player to see who won (As if you really needed to watch to know who won!)

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