Opinion- Gottlieb's dislike of Syracuse has never been more evident

Doug Gottlieb contends that, despite 900 wins, Boeheim is "good" not "great"

It's been something Syracuse Orange basketball fans have talked about for years- Doug Gottlieb's disdain for the SU hoops program and namely Head Coach Jim Boehiem.

We've all heard the stories as to the why he does, but really that's not what I'm writing this to talk about. It's irrelevant.

Over the weekend, Gottlieb wrote this piece which in the title says it all- "Boeheim? great guy, great win total, but great coach? Not so much."

I'll let you read the piece and decide what you think, but in a nutshell Gottlieb contends that Boeheim is just a good coach who has just so happened to stick around for 37 years, 34 of which saw his teams win at least 20 games.

Isn't that the definition of being great? Being able to consistently be among the best in the nation? Year after Year after Year?

Gottlieb cites Boeheim's LACK of success in the NCAA Tournament- the fact that he's ONLY won one national championship and ONLY been to three Final Four's.

Really, Doug?

Sure it is absolutely impressive the amount of times Tom Izzo and Michigan State or Roy Williams with Kansas and North Carolina has been to the Final Four, but to say they're great just because of that, or, at that they are and Boeheim is not is just plain foolish.

How about this- They are ALL GREAT coaches.

Boeheim is great because he ALWAYS has his team playing at the highest level. (As 34 20 win seasons would suggest) Williams, Izzo etc. are great because they continue to find ways to make runs in March.

Why take the time to try and contend one isn't great and the others are, when in reality what Boeheim and several other coaches that Gottlieb mentions in his piece have done are all great.

They're great for their own reasons. There's no definition that says you're great ONLY based on Final Four trips (which, by the way, three isn't so bad). Apparently, the National Basketball Hall of Fame thinks Boeheim's pretty great as they inducted him in 2005 which was before he even reached the milestones of 900 or even 800 wins.

To contend, and argue repeatedly his point is absolute proof that for whatever reason, Doug Gottlieb just does not like Jim Boeheim and/or Syracuse basketball.

Sure, everyone's entitlted to an opinion. But to try and repeatedly look for a reason to knock someone off the pedestal (the above link is the SECOND piece Gottlieb did on the same topic) just oozes of, well, dislike.

Jim Boeheim IS a great coach. Period. He has the third most wins (soon to be second most) all time. That, in itself is great. The fact that Jim Boeheim has led an elite team since the Ford administration and has made it a basketball powerhouse is greatness.

And anyone, who has been to the Carrier Dome on a winter's night in Syracuse and feels the energy under the teflon, can absolutely attest to my point.