Opportunity comes from change, just ask the birds: Matt's Memo

The sharp red colors of the cardinal swooped across the field of forest green. A blue jay than darted into the picture. Both birds appeared to be dancing about in new found space. Their bright colors had lifted the dim prospects of the badly damaged trees on our back property line. A stiff wind during Tuesday evening's storm knocked out several trees.

I noticed the birds this morning as my neighbor Dan and I worked on clearing out the storm debris. Dan volunteered his much appreciated services

He was on chainsaw I was on clean up and carry duty.

We got started at 9:00 a.m. That chainsaw kept buzzing for the next five hours. He cut. I cleared. I carried pile after pile after pile to the curb. It was all uphill.

Dan and I later admitted we both had misgivings at the beginning of the process. It was like staring at Mount Everest and wondering how you could ever reach the top. They way to do it is one step at a time. In this case, one branch or tree trunk at a time.

The Manlius Town Highway Department arrived in the early afternoon with some heavy equipment to pick up the piles of mangled tree from the curb and dump it in a large work truck.

By mid-afternoon we had most of it tackled, there's still more cleanup tomorrow.

There's a big gap in the tree line now. I miss those old trees. Yet, the cardinal and the blue jay seem fine with it. They quickly realized change can be good. From new space, opportunity can come.

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