Orange Gives Community Stress Test

Twitter jammed up tonight with tweets about the Syracuse Orange narrowly surviving the Georgetown Hoyas. This one turned out to be a community wide stress test. When the 'cuse went up by 23 the treadmill was moving slowly with no incline. When Georgetown had the ball down one point in the final minute that treadmill was running full tilt nearly perpendicular to the floor. Syracuse won the game 75-71. Now that normal pulse rates have returned Central New York and anyone else wearing orange breathes a sigh of relief.

Going into the game I thought it would be close, but Syracuse would win it. I never thought they would have a lead as big as it was so why is it so hard to watch it nearly slip away. We learn a lot from these games. More importantly we hope the players learn a lot. The best way to learn in basketball is by surviving. Especially as tournament time starts to come into view. Learning from a loss is not nearly as fun as learning from a win.

Sustaining strong play throughout a 40 minute game is not an easy task. Syracuse has shown us that on several occassions this year. Big spurts of great defense, smart offense, good shooting and moving the ball. Then the turnovers start, fouls get called and the other team figures out a way to get the ball in the hole. It's the nature of the game.

In the end this team is 25-2. They are in the top 5 in the land. They lead the Big East at 12-2. They're on track for a number one seed in the NCAA. There's no talk of bubble this year. Be prepared for more stress tests as February turns into March. As long as we keep passing them who among us will complain.

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