Parking suggestions for the holidays: Matt's Memo

As I approach the busy parking lot I assess the potential spots, the time of day and the day of the week. I scan to get a sense of how much risk I am willing to take to find a spot reasonably close to a door of the store or mall. On a busy day, I will always pick the spot on the edge of the lot and start walking toward the building. It saves time. It saves emotional energy. It burns a few calories by adding a little activity to the excursion.

On our Talk at 10 segment tonight on the CW 6 News at 10:00 we tossed out a faux award the "Queen of Parking Crowning Achievement Award" went to Jayda Perkins Calhoun. She revealed her shopping mall strategy when she wrote, "I wait and go an hour before the mall closes, and the parking lot clears up. Many benefits to this: descent parking, killing calories in my mad dash through the mall, and saving money. Not particularly in that order."

Several others had suggestions like:"Go early in the morning after Black Friday. Best time to shop.". Another wrote, "I park in my driveway and shop online. Hassles eliminated."

Whatever your approach I suggest this. Be smart, be patient and do a little extra walking. Happy Thanksgiving.

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