Paulus to Syracuse?

Greg Paulus playing for CBA in Syracuse.

Google Greg Paulus and you will instantly find 1200 plus articles mentioning his name. Most of them have something to do with the CBA graduate, Duke basketball player and future quarterback's flirtation with several major college football programs across the country. Google is not enough to stay on top of the Paulus developments. You also have to be fluent in Facebook and Twitter to find the latest on his next graduate school consideration. That's the source of tonight's latest chatter about a possible homecoming to the Carrier Dome for Paulus.

ESPN's college football reporter Joe Schad broke the story tonight. Not only is Paulus visiting Syracuse this weekend, but Schad says sources are telling him it is 'likely' that Paulus will sign on for one year. On Twitter tonight Schad reiterated it is 'likely' not a done deal, but he goes on to say what a homecoming it would be. Our John Evenson retweeted Schad's tweet tonight on the 10:00 newscast about Paulus. John even coined a new Twitter phrase when closing the Schad quote by saying 'end tweet'.

Back to the homecoming... if Greg Paulus does decide to don the Orange helmet with the block letter S this summer and fall he would be returning to the field where he wore the purple and gold playing for state championships during his record breaking run for Christian Brothers Academy. Coach Doug Marrone has little to lose by giving the Paulus experiment a try. Especially if he avoids any guarantee of playing time. All he can guarantee is a shot at playing.

If he does that the Orange would enjoy the benefit of a mature athlete with innate leadership qualities and a strong arm. Paulus would have a chance to live two dreams by playing college basketball at Duke and college football at Syracuse. Of course, based on the interest of the Green Bay Packers Paulus will work to soak up as much football experience, weight training and skill rekindling so he might have a chance at the NFL one year from now.

There are certainly critics who question the original source of all this Paulus interest. Four years at Duke and there was no indication that football might return to his life. Now it appears front and center. If Marrone's staff can close the deal and ready him for the field by fall imagine the excitement and promise Paulus' presence could add to the 2009 season. It could translate into more tickets sold and even more importantly more wins on the field. With the quarterback situation in the hands of an untested rookie right now the program has little to lose.

If you see Greg or his family over the weekend wearing Orange you may want to send a little encouragement his way. And if he tells you he's coming make sure you Tweet to Twitter right away.

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