Penn State running back from Central New York mulls his options

Curtis Dukes (Courtesy: Penn State Athletics)

In the aftermath of the sanctions brought down on Penn State by the NCAA the question is what players will stay and who will go?

One player on the minds of Central New Yorkers is Curtis Dukes from Indian River High School, he'll be a redshirt junior in the fall and I was able to catch up with him this afternoon for his take on the sanctions and his future with the Nittany Lions.

Dukes says he and his teammates feel as if the punishments are not fair in the sense that they punish the players mostly, who had nothing to do with the awful crimes committed and the equally disgusting cover up. The players here in 2012, literally had nothing to do with why the program is being punished.

With that said, the impossibility to play in the post season in his final two seasons is weighing on Dukes who told me he is thinking about things. While he's weighing his options he wants to make sure he's making the right decision before he does decide to stay or move on to another school.

Click the video player for part of the interview with Dukes who did tell me he would definitely "consider" Syracuse University if he did indeed leave Penn State, something that he is undecided on at the moment.