Primary night Syracuse: winners, losers and legacies:Matt's Memo

In a city of nearly 150,000 people it turns out all Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner needed to win a second term in office was 3,651 votes. That's about 2.5% of the city population. It's the number over votes she brought home tonight in the democratic primary for mayor. There is no declared republican opponent for November. The only opposition is a Green Party nominee. In all likelihood, the mayor won another four years tonight.

Her nearest competitor tonight was Pat Hogan who garnered 29% of the vote to the mayor's 54%. Hogan was proud of his campaign to move from single digit support to nearly 30%. He pointed out tonight that half the democrats in the city did not vote for Mayor Miner. That did not sound like a candidate or common councilor who is done being a thorn in her side.

Other races of note tonight... Mayor Miner's political machine took a blow when Jean Kessner's primary attempt paid off by winning the democratic nod for city wide councilor-at-large. Kessner is a district councilor who was on the outside looking in after the democratic committee made its selections in the spring. Former councilor Pamela Hunter was one of the party designees and she wong big tonight. Hunter had more votes than any other city wide candidate including Mayor Miner.

From the following in my father's footsteps file... 23 year old Joe Carni won his republican primary tonight some twenty plus years after his father Ed Carni was elected to the same common council. Chad Ryan is the son of longtime county legislator Ed Ryan. Chad defeated former Syracuse Police Chief Steven Thompson in the second district council race.

Primaries are critical, but quiet to the world outside of a campaign. Tonight power accumulated for Mayor Miner, legacies continued for families named Carni and Ryan and at least one politician proved the primary system can be an avenue to overcome the party establishment.

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