Producing and editing a Saint for CNY: Matt's Memo

Andy Wolf, Matt Mulcahy and David Fulkerson at the Vatican.

The crowded, dark, stuffy editing suite is a long way from the expanse of St. Peter's Square. The hard drives, the software and the effects are a world away from the story that unfolded in 19th century Molokai. The scripting, the photography and the mix of sound begins to tell the story of this remarkable woman known as Mother Marianne Cope.

Over the last two weeks, David Fulkerson has been cemented to the edit bay at AXXESS inside the WCNY building in Liverpool. He has guests come and go including an extended stay by fellow editor and photographer Andy Wolf of CNYcentral. Together the two of them are weaving an intricate mix using a non-linear digital editing system that is building a wonderful story in HD.

Those other guests include WCNY's Jim Aroune and me. We're the ones who have put words to keyboard. We're the ones who have researched the details. Along with Liz Ayers we have done the interviews. We have produced this special one hour documentary that stretches from Rome to Hawaii with a heavy dose of Central New York in the middle.

Over the last nine months there have been hundreds of decisions made that have brought us to the point of nearly being ready to air. We made choices about the subjects to be interviewed, locations for shooting and images to be gathered. We made choices about angles of shooting, schedules of traveling and partners to involved.

The credits at the end of the broadcast will detail all who have been involved including the leadership of Chris Geiger at CNYcentral and Bob Daino at WCNY. There are budgets, sponsors and underwriters that make programs like this reality. But, inside that edit booth that's where it all comes together.

We have laughed at the inside jokes, the memories of Rome and the desire for completion. It is coming together, just in time to hit the air on most of the stations in Syracuse during this Thanksgiving week.

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