Rush to cover the apartment fire: Matt's Memo

Polk Street apartment fire.

The call came crackling over the police and fire radio scanner. Fire shooting from an apartment building on Syracuse's east side. The intensity of the chatter quickly escalated as Syracuse's top notch firefighters raced to the scene. An apartment building at 123 Polk Street was roaring.

At that instant we were just 40 minutes away from our 10:00 newscast. We had reporters, editors and photographers all crashing to be sure we were ready for air. The plan suddenly was interrupted for the breaking news.

That is one of the rushes of our business. One moment our newscast are heading one direction then instantly the path must change because of a pivot in events.

Tonight reporter Tom Eschen quickly returned to the building when told about the fire. Photographer Lewis Karpel was diverted from Lights on the Lake. Michael Benny was coordinating and writing while producing and preparing to anchor on CBS 5. Producer Jacquie Adams was rearranging the 10:00 on CW 6 and the 11:00 on NBC 3. Kaitlyn Richards posted to and social media.

Those are just some of the names involved. There are more behind the scenes. Our coverage for an hour and a half was terrific. We were first with video live from the scene. We carried the fire chief's explanation of events live from the scene. We continually updated our CNYCentral app, Facebook and Twitter. We immediately included the fact that the fire department has been called to this complex six times in six days.

We cover all kinds of stories on our every day newscasts from light features to in depth investigations. But, on a night when there's an emergency it is an exciting time to be part of a television/digital news team delivering the story.

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