Scott Shafer looks for improved Orange Football team on Saturday

Following the bye week, the Syracuse Orange looks to fix their mistakes and improve the offense after their loss to Georgia Tech. Head Coach Scott Shafer didnâ??t shy away from the need for improvement.

â??We can improve a great deal. The first thing is taking a look at your strengths and weaknesses,â?? Shafer said. â??Weâ??ve taken a lot of time with our self-scout, taking a look at who have been playing well, who has been inconsistent, address why the things havenâ??t been positive and try to go to work hard on those things.â??

Based on this self-assessment, Shafer emphasized how they look to improve all facets of their offense as they take on Wake Forest at the dome this Saturday.

â??We need to continue to amp up that run game and really work hard at being smart with our passing game,â?? he said. â??We need to take care of the football and then try and do a better job at being more consistent with our passing game, and thatâ??s what weâ??ve worked on this week.â??