Scott Shafer sheds light on Syracuse quarterback competition

On the heels of the Syracuse Orangeâ??s first win of the season over Wagner, Coach Scott Shafer spoke about the quarterback situation between Terrel Hunt and Drew Allen.

â??I think [quarterback] Terrel Hunt played a good game,â?? he said, â??he came in, gave us some spark, but again it was against a Wagner outfit that looks a little bit different going against Wagner than it did against Penn State or Northwestern.â??

Although Shafer said he will start off against Tulane with Hunt at quarterback, he did not officially name him the starter as he spoke about a competition with Allen.

â??Weâ??ll start off the game with him [Hunt], but Iâ??m also excited to see [quarterback] Drew Allen practice this week and compete,â?? Shafer said, â??thereâ??s something good about having two guys that are competing throughout the course of the season and thatâ??s what we have going on right now.â??

Shafer also spoke about what he believes was the teamâ??s biggest improvement against Wagner and how he hopes to build off of this as the Orange attempt to secure their second win of the season against Tulane.

â??I think the kids did a good job not turning the ball over on offense and getting plus three [in the turnover ratio],â?? he said, â??so now we are even for the season and we need to go out and get this victory against Tulane so that we are even across the board as we continue to move forward this season.â??