Shafer infuses Syracuse Football with energy and enthusiasm

Scott Shafer

"To carry on the values of integrity, commitment, excellence and teamwork and put them to action with great attitude, effort and enthusiasm are the pillars of this program"

That's what Scott Shafer says the Syracuse Orange will be all about going forward.

Shafer's introductory press conference was full of lines that had Orange fans ready to put the pads on themselves. Shafer said "We want to instill the fear of God into the opposing player who has the ball under thair arm" referring to his aggressive defense.

And as for the Orange's entry into the ACC Shafer said "We're gonna go to the damn ACC, and we're gonna storm that conference. And we're gonna do better than people think we can in year 1. With a hard nosed football team that represents this community."

No doubt, with fire and passion that is sure to rally the fanbase.

Speaking of the fanbase, Shafer was very appreciative of Orange Nation. In fact, he even referred to my brother during the press conference, and you can click the video player to watch.