Shamrock's Celebration a Success

Dan Everson and Gretchen Mulvihill. / Photograph by Wayne O'Connor.

We are shortsighted if we only understand one measure of success. We can gauge success based on money. We can assess success based on people. We can determine success based on ideas. When it comes to the inaugural Shamrock's Celebration to benefit the Shamrock Animal Fund we feel like the event was a success by any measure.

The quantitative side is the easiest to explain. We had some 115 guests join us for the evening at PJ's Pub and Grill in Armory Square. The donations from those who could attend and those who could not combined with the bids on our auction items to raise about $13,000 to benefit the veterinary care of animals in need. The generosity ranged from a $1300 bid on a Syracuse Orange autographed basketball to a heartfelt gift of one dollar attached to a green shamrock made of felt. That's the quantitative.

While the numbers are clear and easy to understand it may be the other measures are better predictors of long term success. The intangibles matter. Our anecdotal surveys of Shamrock Animal Fund supporters tell us they enjoyed the energy in the room, the vibe of the evening. It was one of our goals to have a relaxed atmosphere where friends could catch up, have a few laughs and meet new people.

Let's not forget about the mission of the Shamrock Animal Fund. This event gave us a chance to explain further our organizational effort to help animals in need. We also heard wonderful stories from animal advocates who understand the joy animals bring into their lives. Many of the people who attended long ago committed to benefiting causes related to pets.

Then there were the veterinarians who found it worthwhile to join us. Some traveled from Cornell University's Veterinarian Hospital in Ithaca. Others apply their skills at clinics in Fayetteville, Syracuse and Fairmount. Their presence lent credibility to the ideas that are germinating here.

One small challenge is behind us, the larger ones are still ahead. There is legal and financial work to do. There are policies and procedures that need to be created. And let's not forget... there are animals that need some help.

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