Spectacular colors of spring: Matt's Memo

This is pay off week. May has arrived and with it countless moments of appreciation. Those of us who make our home in the greater Syracuse area have too many days in late winter and early spring when the sky is gray, the grass is brown. A glance on the window gives a view where the chroma level has been turned down approaching black and white.

Then a week like this arrives.

Tulips pop. Daffodils emerge. Buds on lilacs begin to flower. Leaves on maples squeeze their way out from limbs. The grass suddenly casts a bright green glow everywhere you turn. Life goes from muted to technicolor. Amazingly it appears over night.

The 70 degree temperatures this week are refreshing the air too. We open windows that stick a bit with the residuals of winter. Coats turn to jackets turn to t-shirts.

More than anywhere else in the country we appreciate weeks like this. It's pay off time. And it's bringing smiles everywhere you turn.

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