SU basketball proves it can overcome just about anything

As you'll read below, the SU basketball team heard the ugly, factless rumors. Their response? Downing rival Connecticut 66-58 on the road. It was SU's first win at Connecticut since February 1, 1999. (UConn was #1 in the nation that day)

This win, means so much more than beating the #7 team in the land. It shows the true nature, and grit of this basketball team. They didn't let potential distractions affect their play, the team ignored its 4-game losing streak and there's no better way to put the chatter on both subjects to rest than how the Orane did on Wednesday night. Those rumors could've easily derailed the efforts of many teams. Not Syracuse.

Orange fans should be both proud, and encouraged by this win. Play on the court aside. The Orange proved to everyone that they are a great team, in so many senses of the word. Rest assured, Central New Yorkers should have alot of fun watching this team well into March.

Previous Update:

The blogger whose comments helped spark an internet firestorm over allegations of point shaving by SU players is apologizing.

The blogger posted online, saying "It was never intended to go outside of this forum, and other blogs who are referencing this are doing so using completely unreliable and uncredible information. There is zero basis to this rumor on my behalf."

The post goes on to include an apology to the team, specifically the players named in the rumor, and SU fans.

Click here to read the full post.

Original Story:

Wednesday afternoon, a source at the school talked to our Niko Tamurian on the phone, and refuted any internet discussion about the topic. The spokesperson stressed there was no merit at all to the swirling rumors.

Players used their Twitter accounts Tuesday night to refute rumors on the internet suggesting the team might be involved in a point shaving scandal.

Starting guard Scoop Jardine posted several Tweets passionately denying any involvement with throwing any games.

Jardine seemed disgusted by the talk. He responded via Twitter saying, "I love the game itself to much would never jeopardize everything I work so hard for with something like that! I play this game for free!!" He also went on to post on his Twitter, "don't ever disrespect me or my team like that again!!!! I love this game too much to do anything like (the rumors suggested)."

Starting forward Kris Joseph said on Twitter Tuesday night, "Where are all these crazy rumors emerging from? This aint even funny anymore".

Fans at were offering their take on these rumors to the fullest Tuesday night.

Things to keep in mind though: Scoop is in Hartford, according to his Twitter account, if he was guilty of any violation would he really be on the road with the Orange?

By the way, if you're not entirely sure what point shaving is, this pretty much sums up what it is.

What do you think about the rumors? Do you think they're true, untrue, or flat out ridiculous. Will this impact the team's play at UConn? Let us know in the comment section below!