SU Football: Prince-Tyson Gulley's time to shine

Prince-Tyson Gulley scores a touchdown against Wagner in 2013.

With all the talk of Tyler Ennis turning pro early, let's remind you the SU Football team is losing a star to the pros a bit early too.

But while question marks surround who will be the Orange's point guard next year, there's no secret who is the heir apparent to Jerome Smith at running back for the Orange.

It's Prince-Tyson Gulley. He's in no way unknown to the Orange faithful, especially after winning the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl MVP while rushing for over 800 yards that season.

Despite fighting some tough injuries in 2013, he still turned in a solid campaign, including rushing for more than 100 yards against NC State.

Gulley now is the unquestioned leader of the running back corps, which is extremely valuable with young stars like George Morris and Devante MacFarlane just scratching the surface of their potential.

Gulley told us that he's excited to have the "light" shining on him this year, but is aware that does entail more responsibility too.