SU Freshman Moore is biggest running back on roster

Adonis Ameen-Moore receives instruction from Running Backs Coach Tyrone Wheatley

I requested to interview Adonis Ameen-Moore out of intrigue for the Syracuse University Football Team's newest running back. Moore is fresh out of high school, but stands 5'11" and tips the scales at 244 lbs. That's more than any other running back or linebacker for that matter on the squad. Only one fullback (Carl Cutler) weighs more (250 lbs.).

When he first approached me, I mistook him for a defensive tackle on the team, until SU Sports Information Director Sue Edson introduced him as Adonis. I couldn't fathom how a back that big could be light footed, then Post-Standard sportswriter Dave Rahme told me he's got quick feet, and that I had to see it for myself.

So I sat and watched at practice as this back stood nearly as big as Orange Running Backs Coach and former Michigan running back Tyrone Wheatley. Not only did he show some shifty moves, he displayed some flat-out speed. The more you watch the young man run, the more impressed, and quite frankly excited, you become.

Meeting Ameen-Moore impresses you that much more, he's a mild mannered young player who knows there's no secret about his running style.

"There's no fooling anybody I'm a big back" the Denver native said last week. "I like to go for power but I have a little speed and a little quickness to me....I like to go between the tackles" Ameen-Moore added.

Orange Head Coach Doug Marrone offered his take on Moore saying "I'm very impressed with Adonis' footwork. I think he needs to lose some weight, okay, I think we all know that. But I think he's a very good back".

Whether or not Adonis sees the field this year remains in question. He does agree the speed of the college game has been the biggest adjustment and there's some talent in front of him. Senior Antwon Bailey figures to get the most reps while Prince-Tyson Gulley has the most experience behind him. Jerome Smith played in two games as a true freshman before his season ended early with a shoulder injury. After that Moore could be next in line.

The Orange opens the 2011 season in the Carrier Dome against Wake Forest on Thursday September 1st. Kickoff is slated for an 8:00 p.m. start.