Surgical Center is state-of-the-art at St. Joseph's: Matt's Memo

Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy cuts ribbon on new surgical center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Sryacuse.

The highly respected surgeon walked briskly down the hallway. I chatted about Dr. Kumar about his excitement over the grand opening of a surgical suite that is five times bigger than the current operating facility. The president of the medical staff at St. Joseph's Hospital beamed with pride ready to show off the new surgical suite.

As we turned from one corridor to the next the hospital President and CEO Kathy Ruscitto met us as she headed for the same ribbon cutting. She too was smiling broadly over this accomplishment that was years in the making. Kathy reminded me this is a rare opportunity to tour operating rooms before they become fully equipped, before they start hosting life saving and life changing medical procedures.

We all walked into the new space built adjacent to the old. Everything was fresh inside. After the appropriate remarks, expressions of gratitude and a blessing we joined New York's Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy on a tour through the new facility.

Each of the 15 operating rooms are 50 percent bigger than their predecessors. The lighting is eco-friendly. Flatscreen monitors, large computer screens and touch control panels give a distinct high technology feel.

Dr. Kumar told me the project team worked from the ground up to make sure these new facilities serve the surgical teams well for years to come. They visited some 16 or 17 other hospitals. Everyone involved in the surgical process from transport to nurses to technicians and physicians all had the opportunity for input and comment.

St. Joe's even set up a mock operating room and gave it a test run before committing to many of the final choices.

This was a rewarding moment for the St. Joseph's Hospital community. The greater Syracuse and Central New York community should also take pride in knowing there is a commitment to high level health care for many years to come.

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