Syracuse Mayor Miner ready to run: Matt's Memo

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

Come Wednesday at noon a brisk breeze will be whipping off Syracuse's Inner Harbor as political allies gather to support Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minder. That's when she will stand in front of perhaps the most promising piece of real estate in the city to announce she is running for a second term.

The mayor has not announced she is running, but why else would she ask her supporters to join her in such a public way for an "important announcement."

She would not elaborate on the Wednesday event as she visited our studio today. She was in very good spirits and quite eager to come to the station for an appearance during our 5:00 newscast on NBC 3. There was also an interesting moment when the often serious mayor was reminded by a staffer that she should smile while on the air.

There has been talk of other democrats challenging her and republicans searching for the right candidate. While democracy needs to take its course it she will be the odds on favorite to win. It would be her second and final term.

Keep in mind Syracuse decided two terms was enough ever since former Mayor Lee Alexander was sent to prison for running a corrupt administration in the 1970's and 80's. Being the mayor of Syracuse back then was a different job than it is today, aside form Alexander's legal issues.

Mayor Miner has not had the luxury of a robust city budget. In fact, quite the opposite. She has had to find was to create accomplishment while keeping Syracuse out of the budgetary hole. A shrinking community, the economic downtown and the rising cost of pension funds are just some of the obstacles. Yet, government seems to be working more effectively during her term.

Development projects have moved off the drawing board. The Syracuse school system has started to improve. She has proven to be an independent and effective leader.

As the mayor has taken a statewide role in democratic politics there has been discussion about higher office one day. But, any higher office begins with a likely announcement Wednesday that she will run for a second term as mayor.

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