Syracuse Orange football falls on the road to Cincinnati

It was a game that looked promising for a while, but in the end the Orange fell short.

The SU Football team lost to Cincinnati 35-24 on the road Saturday, dropping its record to 4-5 overall and 3-2 in Big East play.

The game was back and forth, but in the end the Bearcats rallied from a 24-21 deficit to outlast the Orange.

Many fans were outraged at two calls in particular that had major implications on the game.

The first, was when it appeared on video that Syracuse forced a Cincinnati fumble and recovered it. Despite rather convincing video replays the Big East officials called the runner down on the field, and said that there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the ruling on the field.

Here's what Terry McAuley, Commissioner of Officiating for the Big East Conference said on Twitter:

@tjmcaulay: Must have clear visual evidence of the actual recovery for replay to reverse the call of a runner down even if it was a clear fumble.

Later in the game, Cincinnati fumbled the ball, which bounced on the SU goal line and then out of bounce at about the one yard line. The call prompted many to think it would be ruled a touchback, and posession awarded to the Orange. Again, here's McAuley's explanation via Twitter:

@tjmcaulay: Ball fumbled prior to score that hits the goal line and bounces backward out of bounds in field of play belongs to offense at OOB spot.

McAuley is scheduled to do an interview with us here at CNY Central, and we'll post his thoughts for you.