Syracuse quarterback set back his team and himself with punch: Matt's Memo

Terrel Hunt ejected after throwing punch.

Syracuse Quarterback Terrel Hunt was a player of questionable ability when he became a starter last year. By mid to late season his play left fans wondering if there was another quarterback in the pipeline who could be the started in 2014. Then Hunt found something.

He saved the chance at a post-season bowl game with a game winning performance against Boston College at the Carrier Dome. A month later Hunt was the clear leader of a squad that won its first bowl game outside of New York State in years. By the end of the Texas Bowl the team appeared set at the quarterback spot for the next two years.

Spring ball and summer camp had Head Coach Scott Schafer beaming about the advancement of his maturing offensive leader. Terrel Hunt was ready to take this team back to a bowl, a winning record and who knows what else.

Then... the punch. Late in the first half against the Villanova Wildcats the Orange offense was struggling to score. By the way, Villanova plays in a lower division than Syracuse. They are ranked 12th in the nation in that division, but generally do not have the same caliber of talent as an ACC team like Syracuse.

The Orange quarterback was running up the middle. He was tackled by two Villanova players. The second player bent Hunt's head forward a bit. When Hunt hit the ground he retaliated with a left hook to the face of the Villanova player. Ejection.

Suddenly the leader, the captain without the title and the veteran quarterback was gone. Walking toward the tunnel. His redshirt freshman backup Austin Wilson filled in capably, but Syracuse no longer had an advantage at the position or over their opponent.

Hunt's foolish, in the moment, reaction cost his team. He's going to have a lot of explaining to do as he begins to prove himself all over again.

NOTE: This blog was written as Syracuse was struggling in the final moments of a thrilling Double OT win over Villanova. During the post game news conference, Head Coach Scott Schafer indicated he would not punish Hunt further.


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