Syracuse's Star- Sydney O'Hara making SU and Central New York proud

Sydney O'Hara practices with the Orange on Thursday (Niko Tamurian)

She's bled Orange her entire life.

So it's fitting that the Cicero-North Syracuse grad Sydney O'Hara is now wearing a Syracuse softball uniform and making waves for the Orange all season.

Back in March, O'Hara made history, blasting four homeruns in a win over NC State.

It was the first time any player in Orange has done it, the first time anyone accomplished such a feat this season and just the fourth time in college softball history.

"I was in shock more than anything" Syndey says.

"All my teammates when I was coming in were like wow, you're awesome, you're a beast, that kind of stuff....I was just in shock. It hit me after when I was on the bus and reading all the Twitter notifications and I was like wow, what did I do?" she adds.

1.3 million views on ESPN's instagram later, and Sydney O'Hara is the definition of "gone viral".

It's not the fame or notoriety of the moment that motivates Sydney, it's the fact she was able to help her dream school and inspire a generation of players to come.

"Having young girls see that on instagram and a lot of younger girls follow me and to be a role model to these girls, it's just amazing" Sydney says.

She was emotional during our interview, a pure sign of her love and passion for the sport and a realization of what she represents to the next crop of players.

Sydney O'Hara has gone from dominating Section III, electrifying the ACC and now, energizing new players.

"Having all this behind me and showing girls my passion for the sport, it really helps...It's special to me it really is to see that anything can happen, keep working hard because anything is possible" O'Hara adds.

She'd like to be a coach one day, and would be a credit to any program around. Sydney O'Hara is a great representative for our region and the game itself.

..And there's still another six weeks of her college career to go..

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