Team effort for Shamrock 5: Matt's Memo

The door will be propped open as box after box comes through. On the loading dock, trucks will back up with sound, lighting and video gear. A caterer's van will deliver equipment needed to serve hundreds of guests. The tables are already in place thanks to an events crew who delivered and draped them today. There are a lot of hands involved in building the 5th Annual Shamrock's Celebration. Quite a bit different than when it all began.

Our first Shamrock's Celebration was quickly thrown together. Just over two months from conception to implementation. We started the Shamrock Animal Fund in the wake of the passing of our nearly 19 year old poodle. We got support from the tv station. We made plans with PJ Dorsey's. We invited friends. We collected some auction donations. We had a room full of happy supporters. We were off and running.

That year we were too naïve to know the amount of work that would follow as we established the Shamrock Animal Fund. We started keeping records, sending letters and helping animals. We got involved in the creation of the Healthy Pet Clinics in Syracuse. Between those clinics and our primary mission of paying for the care of animals that have owners with financial limitations we have helped nearly 2,000 pets.

Saturday night we recognize all the hard work that has helped us reach the point of the 5th Annual Shamrock's Celebration. It's going to be quite a night. Karen's Catering will serve a delicious menu of hors d'oeuvres and Irish fare. There's plenty of wine, beer and soda. The silent auction will display table after table of items from select local businesses. Over night stays, restaurant gift certificates, jewelry, sports items and many more items are included.

Then there is the video screen from Francis Audio/Visual that will feature a heart rendering video of the animals helped this year. The sound and lights set up by 4D productions will enhance the musical performance by Grammy nominated vocalist Jane Monheit and her all-star combo.

Then there are the people. Old and newer friends gathered to support a community effort to help animals and owners with financial need.

Hope to see you at our 5th Annual Shamrock's Celebration Saturday night. It promises to be a grand affair.


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