The Boeheim Anthem- A local artists' tribute to Jim Boeheim

A local music artist is paying tribute to the legendary Jim Boeheim the best way he knows how.

By creating a song in his honor.

"The Boeheim Anthem" is written and recorded by "King Vega" of Money ENT Studio on Crouse Ave.

He says the idea came basically out of his excitement for the new season. Vega is a Henninger grad and has always been an Orange fan.

You can listen to the by clicking this link.

"Being from Syracuse and being a Syracuse Orange fan and loving the city that I come from it's easy to talk about the place that's home" King Vega says.

Vega says he researched Boeheim's history extensively in order to create the song

"To put that into the song, you know, the year he was born, the year he won the championship. His resume is so long, I still wasn't able to scratch the surface." He goes on to say.

The best part in all of this, King Vega's song is now part of the regular rotation of songs at the Carrier Dome. A fitting reward for a man who as a life long Syracusan grew up in the shadow of the Carrier Dome.

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