The Syracuse Orange football team takes part in drills at Fort Drum

It goes a long way in building team chemistry.

That's the sentiment shared by just about every Syracuse Orange football player that's spending the entire week in Fort Drum, preparing for a kickoff with Penn State in just about two weeks.

Just how that team chemistry is built was very evident in watching the type of drills that the Orange is taking part in at Fort Drum. From building bridges to carrying teammates across fields the Orange is doing it all.

"Just coming out here with my team and having a blast. It's so much fun to go through all the obstacle courses that the military does, it's a lot of fun." said Orange defensive end Rob Welsh.

Prince-Tyson Gulley's hair cut is more military friendly- he cut off his long dread locks- and he knows better than most, just how much the Fort Drum training came into play down the home stretch of the season in 2012.

"Communcation and everything, that comes down on the field" says Gulley.

"It's all communication, and just having that (the training at Fort Drum) and being able to gel like that, it's huge" Gulley went on to say.

The Orange takes part in a scrimmage Thursday night, and rounds out its trip up north on Friday.