#TheOrangeZone crew breaks down Syracuse's quarterback situation heading into Wagner

Terrel Hunt (SU Athletics)

It's a situation that was thought to be settled a couple weeks ago, and perhaps it still is.

Nevertheless, Orange fans all over are talking about Syracuse's quarterbacks.

Drew Allen has started the first two games, but after 6 interceptions in two games and two losses, some Orange fans are beginning to wonder if it's Terrel Hunt's time to start.

Hunt played one series for the Orange at the end of the Northwestern game and scored on a 15 yard touchdown run.

It seems as if Allen will still start, the big question is how many reps will Hunt get as Syracuse hosts Wagner and Tulane the next couple weekends. Before the looming ACC debut against Clemson.

Here's a sneak peak of our discussion on the matter, on this week's Orange Zone.

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