Time out with Tyler: Part Two of Niko Tamurian's sit down interview with Tyler Ennis

As we showed you in part one of my sit down interview with Tyler Ennis, he's a mature student athlete that shows wisdom beyond his teenage years.

As we're showing you now, he's pretty advanced on the floor as well.

Ennis, 19, leads Syracuse as if he were an NBA veteran. Always making clutch plays, delivering Syracuse to victory.

We saw it first hand when he scored 6 straight points to turn a one point Orange deficit to Pittsburgh into a 5 point victory.

"At the time I was pretty much just thinking, make a play. I wasn't really looking primarily to score I was just trying to get in the paint and make something happen but luckily the lane opened up and I had an opportunity to score. You know I'm just taking what they're giving me ....I just tried to make a play for my team" Ennis said about the end of that Pitt game.

To Tyler though, that's ancient history. He already has his mind focused on the Duke Blue Devils.

"I think playing our game you know seeing the matchups where we have the positives against them and impose our big men on them and shut their best players down" Ennis says about the game.

Still, we had time to address the rumors.

The thought that perhaps Tyler could test the NBA waters after this season. I asked Ennis if he's aware of the hype and rumors, and if it affects him at all.

"You know, it doesn't really have an effect on me and I try not to pay attention to it. I just try to focus on the season, focus on game to game and hopefully, down the road, I'll be able to look at it and be happy with what's going on" Tyler tells me.

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