Turning up the heat: Matt's Memo

Cultural savant and news anchor Michael Benny has a knack for knowing what topic will stir lively discussion. His insight is especially effective when posting on Facebook and Twitter. He picked a hot topic today that inspired hundreds of people to boast and brag about whether they switch the thermostat to heat when overnight temperatures dipped into the upper 30's for the first time this season.

I was personally taken aback when I heard people saying they had the furnace running a couple of nights ago when we awoke to a light frost on rooftops and windshields. It hadn't even occurred to me that the furnace should be running when the calendar only reads mid-September.

This is Syracuse after all. Many winters we are proud to be the Golden Snowball Champions. Our airport never closes. Wind chills have to be snap well below zero before we close a school. What are people thinking when they fire up the furnace in September.

There are so many desirable alternatives if you feel a chill in your home. An extra blanket, a sweat shirt, a pair of socks are all viable. Staying a little closer to your loved one can also be advantageous. Not to mention we're just coming off the two month air conditioning season. Your National Grid payment plan could use an easy month.

There is likely a long winter ahead where the natural gas or heating oil will burn day and night. Let's not rush it by jumping into the heating season before it's time.

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