16-year old Clay native racing with the best DIRTCAR drivers

Joe Trenca's 98 car

What will you be doing 4th of July weekend?

Chances are you'll catch some fireworks or barbeque.

The Trenca family though? They'll be racing.

Kicking off 4th of July weekend with a little bit of speed is the Sprint Car Summer Shootout held at the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Eldridge.

And coming from a racing pedigree, 16-year old Joe Trenca hopes to take home the checkered flag.

He one day hopes to become a NASCAR driver but even if that doesn't work out, Trenca will be content as long as his livelihood involves cars and racing.

Following in his fatherâ??s and grandfatherâ??s footsteps, for sure.

If heâ??s not thinking about his NASCAR dreams, the younger Trenca likes to work on race cars or race with his brothers in his spare time.

The first of four events that will span over four different tracks in five days will begin on July 3rd at 7:30 p.m.

And here's a tip, keep an eye out for the 98 car, chances are you'll see it in the front of the pack.