18 Best golf holes of Central New York- #18 at Olde Oak

The Olde Oak Golf Club in Kirkville is quite the find for the local golf enthusiast. Tucked away on Town Isle Road, off Saintsville Road it provides a nice challenge for any level player.

For starters, itâ??s one of the longest Par-70 courses around and that is incredibly evident on the 18



Itâ??s a par-4 that, on the scorecard, goes for 430 yards. But the tees vary, and on the day that we tested the hole it was playing more like 450.

That's not where the challenge ends on this hole which is wrapped by trees and out-of-bounds woods on the right. The green is incredibly difficult, and can have "some pretty sick pin placements" as Lynee Grygiel-Arnold, GM of the course puts it.

Essentially, two really nice shots to start the hole only guarantees you a chance, and for many players the strokes easily add up from 50 yards and in.

Click the video player to check out #18 at the Olde Oak Golf Club.

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