18 Holes of Central New York- #3 Radisson Greens

A view from the tee at the third hole at Radisson Greens

Standing on the #3 Tee at Radisson Greens is about as intimidating as it's a Par 5, spanning 573 yards from the back tees. When standing on the tee, the golfer sees a tight landing area, featuring trees hugging the fairway and a pond about 285 yards away.

According to Bob Fuller, the head professional at Radisson, the golfers say they "hate it". Each shot is a challenge, from the initial drive, to the layup/approach, to the tough, tiny green itself.

"The best thing about this hole is that its multifaceted," Fuller says. "You can hit a driver off this can hit a three-wood off this tee or you can hit a five-iron, so it takes all the abilities of most golfers."

If the golfer is lucky enough to get a ball in the fairway, without going too far and landing in the water, or hitting their drive too far left or right into the trees, they have an intriguing second shot. The fairway bends to the left along the pond, with the green coming back to the right. At that point, they have a choice to make, layup, or try to reach the green in two by going over the water.

"It's probably about a 250, 270 yard shot over the water, to a green that is small, well-bunkered and doesn't hold...and right behind it more woods, so it's not the smartest move, I wouldn't recommend it," Fuller says.

Fuller says the third shot is another difficult one on this hole. If the golfer choses to layup, they once again have another shot over the water, most likely about 120 to 150 yards over the water as well. The green is slightly uphill, so Fuller says golfers sometimes don't choose enough club, causing their golf balls to plunk in the water.

It's a fun hole, so watch the video about to see how Fuller, CNY Central's Niko Tamurian and Tom Eschen fare on the tough hole.