18 Holes of Central New York- #8 Pearl Lakes Golf Course

The 8th Hole at Pearl Lakes Golf Course and Driving Range

The next stop on the tour of the Best 18 Holes in Central New York takes us to Skaneateles, to Pearl Lakes Golf Course.

Pearl Lakes isn't a long course, it features several Par 3s and Par 4s, but what it lacks in distance, it makes up for in difficulty. Golfers need to have a solid course management skill set, or the twists and turns of Pearl Lakes will cause problems.

The 8th Hole is a perfect example of that, it's only 343 yards, but each shot is a challenge. Two creeks cross the fairway right around the potential landing area.

"So here's where you come into your course management skills, it's very important to know what each and every club can go, what yardage it can go," Pearl Lakes teaching professional Kathy Kusnierczyk says.

The golfer needs to hit a drive more than 250 yards to clear both creeks, and a shot less than 180 yards to come up short in the fairway. If they're lucky, there's also about 25 yards of fairway between the creeks. After they make that decision, the next shot is just as difficult. A steep incline leads to a green that's tilted from right to left, making it tough to stick an approach on the green as well.