A Farmer's Hidden Talent: Bobby Pawlowski lives out racing dream at Watkins Glen

Bobby Pawlowski shares his story of working as a full-time farmer, while also living out a dream of racing at Watkins Glen.

Just a stone's throw from a New York State Thruway, you can find Bobby Pawlowski plowing his fields.

The Verona farmer has more than 1,500 acres of crops.

Dawn until dusk -- growing seeds.

What you don't see, however, is the green thumb's hidden talent.

"Believe it or not, I started with my dentist," Pawlowski said. "I bought a 2010 Camaro. He told me to come on down and try it out. I just started excelling after that.

"I work so hard and I love what I do," he added. "Don't get me wrong. I also think what could've happened 30 years ago if I tried driving a race car. Would things have worked out? But I love being a farmer all my life. I love feeding people, and the hard work."

Heading up and down his field, spraying corn and beans, it's easy to daydream. We've all been there -- visions of grander [things].

For Bobby, it was visions of racing at the highest level -- NASCAR.

"You know, going to bed, the track is in my mind," he shared with a smile. "I'm taking laps as I'm going to bed at night. I'm taking laps during the day, too, while I'm doing work. It's constantly going through my head, trying to prove myself. So, yeah, I think about it often. I also think I need to work hard and do a great job growing my crops before I can afford to go do things like my racing career and my life."

NASCAR made its annual stop in Upstate New York last week from Watkins Glen.

With Pawlowski's prior experience, and support from Channel C, a company he actually grows for, NASCAR gave him a shot.

It was a chance to achieve a life long goal.

Bobby Pawlowski would race in the No. 32 car in NASCAR's KNN Series Race at The Glen.

"I mean, you're hitting speeds at about 165 to 170 miles per hour down the back stretch," he explained intently. "Jeff Burton's son we were racing against. We were racing against some great kids and some great people. So it was really exciting, and to come out and get 14th place was just great.

"Our goal was to just finish the race," he added.

A finish, and a top 15 finish at that.

Not bad for the 50-year-old NASCAR rookie. Not the normal age to make your debut at the pinnacle of racing -- and that's not a knock.

Bob is living proof that anything is possible.

"I don't know, I like the whole thing of it. Don't give up on a dream," he expressed. "I work hard for everything I want to do, and you build it. Just don't give up, and just try to make things.

"I always say the good lord will find a way to make it all happen if it's supposed to happen," he concluded.

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