Baldwinsville's Alex Tuch settles in at Minnesota Wild camp

Alex Tuch

Itâ??s amazing how much life can change in two weeks.

When I first met Baldwinsville native Alex Tuch two weeks ago on June 25, he was full of anticipation for the upcoming NHL Draft.

We talked hockey, namely about which teams he thought he may wind up with and about his hockey inspiration- former NHL star and fellow Bâ??ville native Tim Connolly.

Two days later, Tuch would hear his name called, a first round draft pick of the Minnesota Wild on June 27.

And here we are now, two weeks later and Tuch is settling in at the Wildâ??s offseason training camp.

No doubt, a whirlwind couple of weeks for the 18 year old.

â??It still hasn't really sunk in yet, I mean it's starting to now that I'm in Minnesota. Minnesota didn't show as much interest as some of the other teams and so when they picked me I was somewhat surprised actuallyâ?? Tuch told me on the phone Tuesday night.

Sure, Alex may have been surprised by his selection with Minnesota but that doesnâ??t mean heâ??s not excited about his future, and getting the call from the Wild.

After talks with the brass of the organization Alex loves his fit in Minnesota.

â??They are not some team that goes around and says, "Oh, I really like this kid" they kind of just stay back in the shadow and not be so forward and that's what they told me they did. They were kind of surprised I was still around, but, they're really happy with their pick and they're really excited. I talked with the GM and they like what I bring to the table, my size and my skating ability along with my skill set and what kind of player I am. They're looking to add size, but still have a really skilled team and they think I fit that billâ?? Alex went on to say.

While his future will be plenty of fun to follow with the Wild and Alex canâ??t wait to show them what heâ??s about, ultimately heâ??s focused on the more immediate future.

Both athletically and academically.

Alex will attend Boston College this fall and of course, star on the Eaglesâ?? hockey team. But rest assured in the near future he will don the uniform of a Wild farm team. But he wonâ??t wear that uniform for long. No doubt, the Central New Yorker, when heâ??s ready, will be on the fast track to the NHL.