Best Holes in Central New York- #9 Green Lakes Golf Course

PGA Professional Rocky Kelly tees off on Hole 9 at Green Lakes

CNY Central's Best 18 Holes in Central New York series made a stop at the 9th hole at Green Lakes Golf Course this week.

The 9th is a daunting, uphill 480-yard Par 5, with a road/out of bounds on the right edge of the fairway, and trees to the left. Even if a golfer is skilled enough to land in the fairway, they'll be treated to a sidehill lie for their second and third shots.


t's probably one of the longest 480


yard holes you'll ever play,

" Green Lakes Head PGA Professional Rocky Kelly says.


t's uphill, sidehill lies, you've got people on the porch lookin


you over, you've got people driving by in their car, so the pressure is always on and you've gotta hit a shot from a really tough fairway lie


Green Lakes is one of the older courses in the area, established back in 1935 as one of the first courses designed by Robert Trent Jones. It's well-known throughout the area, but that doesn't mean it's completely traditional, which includes the 9th hole.


ne of the biggest questions is

, 'H

ow come we have two greens on this hole


we have an upper green and a lower green, the upper green was put in because
on the lower green people were slicing it onto the road and hitting cars. We put the upper green in back in the 60's and they ended up hitting the clubhouse because the kept pulling their shots up there."

They usually determine what green the golfers will play depending on wear and tear and difficulty factor during tournament play.

CNY Central's Tom Eschen joined Kelly to play the hole this week, with each choosing a different route to get to the lower green. On that day, much like any other day, it was tough from tee to green, which is why it's one of the best in Central New York.

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