Boeheim answers questions about the Bernie Fine investigation

After beating Eastern Michigan 84-48, Syracuse Basketball head coach Jim Boeheim walked into a room packed with reporters from all over the nation.

Boehiem started the press conference talking about the game, but quickly moved to discussing the allegations of sexual abuse against his former assistant coach Bernie Fine . Boeheim said he was saddened in many ways over the events that have unfolded. He said the investigation has his full support.

When asked about his job status, Boeheim stated frankly that he has never worried about his job status, saying he has worked for Syracuse University for 36 years and he has never worried about any thing.

The questioning swayed back to the Bernie Fine investigation and the allegations that sexual abuse happened on Coach Boeheim's watch.

Boeheim said when the investigation is complete, we will find out "what happened on my watch."

While Boeheim worked to keep the press conference focused on the game, reporters pressed further, looking for more information about the investigation.

Boeheim accepted a question about the presence of ball boys on the team, specifically the notion that ball boys travel with coaches and players.

"There are no ball boys that travel with the team and there have never been," siad Boeheim. "The only ball boys that have ever traveled with the team are my sons."

Multiple times during the press conference, reporters asked Boeheim if he had listened to the taped phone conversation between Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine. The tape was released Sunday by ESPN. During the conversation, you hear Bobby Davis talking candidly about the sexual interactions he claims he had with Bernie Fine.

When reporters pressed coach Boeheim about the taped conversation, asking him if he had listened to it, Boeheim answered, "I did not hear the tape."

When Boeheim was asked about his individual responsibilities as head coach, he stated, "I have zero control over who gets hired or fired. I say who plays and who starts."

Boeheim said his players will not be distracted by the investigation.

SU next plays Friday night against Florida in the Carrier Dome. Tipoff is at 7 p.m.