Cam Lynch plays in front of family, friends against Georgia Tech

Cam Lynch

The SU football team's move to the ACC was not only a change of competition, but a change in geography as well. The Big East had some teams from out of the Northeast, but was mainly focused on that part of the country.

The Orange's move to the ACC means they'll be playing below the Mason-Dixon line a lot more, and they already have this season by traveling to NC State and Georgia Tech. It's given some players an opportunity to play closer to home, and in front of friends and family.

On Saturday in Atlanta, linebacker Cam Lynch was able to play right near his hometown of Lawrenceville, GA. He graduated from Brookwood High School in 2010, and says the move to the ACC enabled him to play in front of his old high school teammates and family members.

"When I found out we were going to the ACC I was happy," Lynch, a Junior, says. "I was excited to see my family and everything like that, just playing in the home state and feeling good about it."

In his third season as a part of the Orange, Lynch's speed and tenacity from playing at Brookwood has translated nicely into Scott Shafer and now Chuck Bullough's aggressive blitzing defense.

"This is the defense I imagined myself to be in, this blitzing defense, I'm happy how things are going," Lynch says.

In high school, he had 188 tackles and a school record 18.5 sacks during his senior season. His 40 tackles this season ranks him third on the team. He also has 5.5 Tackles for Loss, .5 sacks and 2 pass breakups.

He'll travel south twice more with the Orange, to Maryland on November 9, and to #2 Florida State on November 16.