Carter-Williams tweets: 'So blessed to be invited to the green room'

It came in less than 140 characters, but might have given more away in regards to his draft position. On Sunday, former SU guard Michael Carter-Williams tweeted that he was invited to be in the NBA Draft Green Room.

Michael Carter-Willi â??



So blessed to be invited to the green room

The NBA Draft starts at 7pm on Thursday in Brooklyn, and traditionally, potential draftees who are invited to the Green Room are expected to be an early-first round (or lottery) pick. is reporting that, including Michael Carter-Williams, 10 other draft eligible players were invited to the Green Room.

At this point, the experts have the 6'6" guard listed between the 8th and 13th picks in the draft. and both have Carter-Williams going 8th to the Pistons, while and the Bleacher Report have Carter-Williams going 13th to the Dallas Mavericks.

Carter-Williams' teammate James Southerland could be picked as early as the late-first round after some good NBA workouts.