CBS5 panel on Fine: "Hot Mess, Sad, Surreal"

On Sunday night, former CBS5 anchor Maureen Green, sports radio talk show host Brent Axe and Psychologist Dr. Chris Allen joined anchor Michael Benny for a frank discussion on the story that is captivating Central New York and beyond.

CBS5 News dedicated an entire newscast to an exclusive discussion of the Bernie Fine abuse case and the fallout from Laurie Fine's bombshell phone call released by ESPN. The video is condensed to 13 minutes of the late news broadcast on Sunday, November 27.

Asked to describe the latest developments in the case in just a few words, the panel assembled by Anchor and Managing Editor Michael Benny said the following:

Green, who now writes for her own blog: "It is a hot mess, such a sad, hot mess."

Axe, who also blogs for "Surreal. As much as we heard that there was more to come on this case, it is just surreal to see this happen and involve someone we have become so familar with."

Dr. Chris Allen, who is a psychologist and executive coach: "Shocking and disappointing, I'm so disappointed in so many people."

Fine was fired Sunday evening after 36 years as an assistant coach on the Syracuse Orange men's basketball team.