Central Square grad Tom Murphy expected to be chosen today in MLB draft

Tom Murphy

From CNY to MLB.

That should become a reality today, as the 2nd round of the Major League Baseball draft gets going, and Central Square alum Tom Murphy should be one of the first players selected.

Murphy, who just finished up playing at SUNY Buffalo, is one of the best catchers in the country, and is ranked as the 63rd best prospect in the 2012 MLB draft. The first 61 selections were made on Monday.

As part of that review, here's what says about Murphy:

"One doesnâ??t typically think of Buffalo as a go-to spot for Draft talent, but this college backstop is making scouts be sure to check it out.

Murphyâ??s best offensive tool is his power. He has very good bat speed with an ability to hit the ball out anywhere. Murphy has a good approach, but there is some concern about his ability to make consisent enough contact to tap into that pop. Heâ??s strong, durable and athletic behind the plate with a solid and accurate arm and good hands. Heâ??s the kind of leader you look for in the position.

If Murphy can hit consistently, he has the chance to be a solid everyday catcher at the highest level. Worst-case, heâ??ll be a very good backup with some serious right-handed power."

I caught up with Murphy on Monday, as he worked out, to gage his excitement on the next 24 hours. "I'm just trying to occupy my time in any way I can, I'm definitely excited I've waited my whole life for this day, and it's finally here."

Murphy has been hearing from a plethora of teams interested in his power and leadership at the catcher position.

When you consider that there are up to 50 rounds in the MLB draft, it's a pretty special day ahead for Murphy to be chosen, most likely, in the first 2-3 rounds.

Stay tuned to CNY Central for an update on when Murphy gets selected.