Close-up with the Crunch- Alex Killorn the Harvard Grad

The hottest player on the Syracuse Crunch these days is rookie Alex Killorn, and he may also be the smartest. The Harvard graduate majored in government and minored in French after being selected in the third round of the 2007 NHL Draft. The young Tampa Bay Lightning prospect says he's all set to use his schooling for a big career after hockey, but for now is "living the hockey dream", having scored four goals over the past four games.

"he's the type of player who can score from just about anywhere," says Crunch forward Cory Conacher, "he's got a great shot, and he's a big guy, but he's also very mobile."

Killorn admits that his teammates like to have fun with him for having gone to Harvard, but his Head Coach may be the worst culprit.

"He's always saying if I mess up or if I do something wrong that I'm not going to become the president of the United States."

"there's guys that think they're smarter than they really are," says Crunch Head Coach Jon Cooper in Killorn's defense, "but I guess the one guy can always point to the little piece of paper that's hanging above his bed."

"(Going to Harvard) is something that (was) important to me," says Killorn, "I know that hockey can only last so long, but right now I'm focussing on hockey and I'm enjoying it, and hoefully I can make it last as long as possible."

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