Close up with the Crunch: Radko Gudas inspires "fear the beard"

Radko Gudas, after nearly 2 months without shaving

The Syracuse Crunch has won four in a row and is currently the best team in the American Hockey League.

Could it all be because of a beard?

Radko Gudas admits, he hasn't shaved yet in 2013. The last time he did was New Year's Eve.

It all started because he just didn't have time when called up to Tampa for training camp. And when he came back to town, it was off to the All-Star break and all the hustle and bustle of that offered no time to shave.

After that, Gudas' full beard became so, well, awesome that he decided to keep it. Gudas admits that when he heard the Crunch was going to have a beard night for him, it was worthwhile to keep the scruff.

He's even inspiring his teammates, like Eric Neilson to try and grow the beard.

Neilson admits though, it'll be tough to catch up to Gudas.

As for the promotion with the Crunch, the team is offering a discount to anyone with a beard who attends Saturday night's game with the Springfield Falcons. The first 1,000 fans in attendance will get a fake beard, that you'll see Neilson sporting in the video.

So for this "Close up with the Crunch" it seems, that the only thing that isn't getting close is Radko Gudas' shave.

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