Congratulations Niko and Farah: Matt's Memo

The WCNY Business Report was airing as part of our late newscast. A fill-in host was delivering the latest business news. Her name was Farah Jadran. She had already become a familiar face and friend to many of us at the station. Her work as editor of Syracuse Woman Magazine and on PBS had grabbed our attention, but no one's eye had been piqued as much as sports guy Niko Tamurian.

Niko had met her once or twice, but was he watched the business report he blurted out something to the effect of "I want to ask her out." Wayne Mahar and I were in the studio. I quickly jumped on Niko's comment encouraging him and even challenging him to do exactly that. Niko rose to the occassion and made the call that would change his life.

Farah had stormed Central New York in a way I've never seen before. She seemed more involved in the community than people who had lived her for a lifetime. She seemed to know something about everyone. She supported every cause that touched her heart. She held multiple prominent positions across a spectrum of media.

She was an athlete and an animal lover. On top of that she was lovely in every way.

From that moment in the studio grew a relationship that put giant smiles on to the faces of both Niko and Farah. Each time he saw her he gushed with stories about what a natural fit they were. It was clear to the most casual observer - the two had met their match.

Tonight, more than a year later, Niko took a knee in front of a crowd gathered for a charitable fashion show. He pulled a sparkling diamong ring from his pocket. He smiled and asked Farah to marry him. She instantly said yes. They kissed. They embraced. The audience applauded and so did the far reaching circle of friends who care deeply about them both.

Congratulations to Niko and Farah. You are a spectacular couple. Your love apparent.

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